Essay: Are Youth Sports Too Intense

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Are Youth Sports too Intense? The boy goes to the base. He prepare for the pitch. He misses, and on the third strike he walks back to the dugout with his head down. Those encouraging words from his coach, “it’s ok; you’ll get it next time,” helps him realize it will become better with practice. Playing sports as a youth may be intense, but the intensity is necessary for character and preparation. Playing sports as a youth prepares them for future sports and gives them good sportsmanship character, but injuries are sometimes a part of that learning experience
Playing sports at a young age, athletes are more prepared for playing in high school. When athletes who have previously played sports, play in high school, they are better prepared to handle the struggles. Struggles like the amount of physical demand high school sports can bring. Being an important part of the team requires teamwork. Young athletes learn the importance of teamwork throughout the years. Losing can be a harsh reality. Youth players have already experienced this and know how to deal with it being able to handle all aspects of a sport makes a competent athlete in high school.
Children who are athletic from a young age show
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The sport a child chooses could be rough on their growth. It could potentially stunt their growth if a vital area of their body is injured. Children should become more mature before risking injuries like that. As an adult, people are able to tell whether or not they should continue, but as a child, kids are not mature enough to realize the consequences. Parents sometimes expect too much from their children. On many occasions, parents become more competitive than their child, who is actually playing. Parents that show anger towards their children about the results of their game ironically affect the results of their kids careers and games in the
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