Essay Assignment 2.5 Task Stream Portfolio Submission

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Assignment 2.5 Task Stream Portfolio Submission

Home is where it is said children grow and learn, it is a place where they find love, comfort, and care. It’s also a place where children feel safe. According to research home environment during children’s first three years can lead to poorer language development by age three. Later behavior problems, aggression, anxiety and depression, impaired cognitive development at age three. In the long-term effects the child may just stop school right after receiving a high school diploma and teen parenthood. The home environment can even affect a child’s brain development. A study has been done on young children with the results “ children have identified distinctive patterns of brain activity associated
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Although, students were given lots of homework due the following day. I had Ashley Villagomes have a hard time getting her homework done. Ashely cultural background is Hispanic. When she came around math Ashely had a hard time adding numbers in her head and when it came to multiplication facts it was even harder. By just observing Ashley she did not enjoy school her writing was just scribbling, has a hard time following directions and didn’t care if she got in trouble. She was in a program called English Language Development (ELD) a systematic program to develop a solid English language foundation ( students who speak English as a second language). Ashley reading and writing skill were quite low at a third grade level. I believe a disadvantage Ashley might have growing up as a child was not having the parents’ support, especially, with the big family she was being raised in. Instead of attending preschool at the age of 4, parents thought the best place for her to be was at home. I believe when parents are not inform of their child’s development it can have an enormous impact in the child’s

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