10 Ways To Light Up The Happiness In You Essay

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Chapter 3: 10 Ways to Light Up the Happiness in You
Now that you’ve read what happiness is and the factors that contribute to a happier life, let us now talk about some of the ways to light up the happiness in you. These, for me, are not just mere processes or methods but more of forming habits for us to lead a happier life.
1. Have a good exercise
Having a good exercise does not mean that you have to go to the gym and spend hours to make sure that you get that “to-die-for” body or physique. Even a short ten-minute walk can be considered as one of the best forms of exercise. Exercise boosts your mood and level of energy which often leads to a more productive day ahead. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a type of chemical
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It can go from a simple dinner with them to a game that you can play at home. If you are into outside activities, you can also try a simple walk at the park or a more adventurous mountain climbing. It does not matter what activity you do with your family. What’s important is that you find every opportunity to do it with them.
When it comes to our friends, spending time with them can be considered as a stress reliever and a way to combat boredom. However, have you ever noticed that as we get older, the time that we spend with our friends slowly diminishes? Parties might have been replaced by your kids’ school activities. Phone calls that used to be on a daily basis become weekly and sometimes become a monthly chit chat with them.
Make sure to still find time to spend time with your friends by scheduling it. Plan to work on something that you like doing and spend time together to reach your mutual goals. You can work out together, walk the pets together, or if you would like to hit two birds in one stone, you can plan an activity where you can bring your family with you. That way, it is spending time with both your family and friends.
Investing time with our family and friends usually brings us happiness and certainly, money cannot buy

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