Why Is Childhood Better Than Adulthood

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Childhood is way better than adulthood. Being a child comes with little stress and you have ten times the fun you do when your an adult. When you are a child you can enjoy life and have fun with your friends and you don't have to worry about paying bills. Children won't have to worry about trying to support their family. They just have to worry about being a kid and having fun playing with their friends. If they want to go out to eat they just have to ask their parents for money. They don't have to worry about spending too much money or being broke. They won't have to worry about people being fake or lying to my face. They pretty much live a carefree life You go to school and have fun with friends and go to recess and play and then come home and pretty much do the same. You don't have to work overtime or worry about doing…show more content…
They live care freely and can do something without worrying about it. Adults have to worry about did I lock the car? or did I shut the garage door? The list is never ending. Being an adult is very stressful there are so many responsibilities. Kids don't have to worry about missing a meeting or worry about paying for gas. Transportation is easy for kids. Kids don't have to worry about gas or getting in a wreck. They just walk outside and walk to their friend's house or get on a bike and go ride around the neighborhood with their friends. Kids have so much energy they can run to their friend's house or talk there. Adults have to take cars and they have to worry about gas. Adults have to travel to work and drive in traffic. Adults do have some advantages. They don't have to answer multiple questions like where are you going and who are you gone a be with? They are the boss and can do whatever they want. They don't have to have parents signature and they can take care of themselves. For some people having your own house and doing yard work, it makes you feel good about
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