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“I succeeded in learning to read and write,” said Frederick Douglass, whom struggled to achieve his goal in learning to read and write. “I never realized so many words existed,” said Malcolm X whom learned to read and write under some difficult circumstances. Evidently, Douglass and X have both experienced some interesting challenges to succeed in the English language. Without a doubt, currently today education is difficult, although not in the same way as Douglass and X experienced it, but some individuals do not have the proper education due to the lack of resources, or due to a learning disability. Unquestionably, Douglass and X have many interesting similarities and differences. Furthermore, one of Douglass and X similarities is that they were both held captive. For example, Douglass was a slave for the Hugh’s family for seven years. On the other hand, X was a prisoner in Charlestown Prison. Following this, the second similarity was…show more content…
In fact, around 18th century slaves where not accepted into free public school’s due to the white people fearing that the slaves will become a threat. For example, Douglass was not allowed to possess books nor to be taught how to read and write unless instructed by his master. Moreover, Douglass at one point found that learning to read and write was more of curse than a blessing because of all the things that he learned about slavery. On the other hand, X was allowed to read as many books he wanted and was also allowed to learn to read and write. In fact, he described it as being more free than he has ever been in his life and that reading and writing completely changed the course of his life. In conclusion, in despite of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X circumstances they both managed to learn to read and write. Despite their differences Douglass and X story prove that one can reach our goals despite our circumstances or
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