Essay Compare And Contrast Gupta And Han China

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Being 520 years apart caused Han China and the Gupta Empire of India to differ in their political administration but share similarities in their economic development and treatment of women. Han China and the Gupta Empire differed in their political administration. While Liu Bang enforced a strong centralized government, Chandra Gupta implemented a highly decentralized government. The Han’s government, modeled after the preceding Qin Dynasty, meant that in theory the emperor’s power were absolute and infallible. As long as the emperor maintained the Mandate of Heaven, he would continue to command complete control. The Gupta Empire however took the opposite approach. Their government was similar to the Persian Empire in the sense that it was divided into provinces. Each province had viceroys who were governors responsible for the administration of the province. The provinces were divided into districts which had its own local administration. The local government was essentially free from central control. Han China and the Gupta Empire were similar in their economic development. Silk contributed heavily to the success of Han China as well as the opening of the Silk Road. Silk was the most profitable product and valued even in Rome. The government at this time also…show more content…
Women were viewed as inferior in both societies. Ban Zhao’s Lessons for Women defined the role of women in Han China with dictated customs and traditions. Confucius stated that a women was submitted to the will of a man all her life. Women didn’t own property nor were they educated. The Gupta Empire also believed that women were subject to a man for their entire lives. Like the Han’s, women weren’t educated or own property. In fact, child marriage was common in the Gupta era and was seen as a way of ensuring virtue. However, both societies had exceptions. The Han had a few empresses and the Gupta’s allowed some women into
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