Essay Comparing Animal Farm And Napoleon's Leadership

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In the novels Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the leaders of each "society" display similar approaches to the responsibility of leadership. There are parallels between Snowball and Ralph, along with Jack and Napoleon. Both the pigs and Ralph are given their positions of power due to some trait that makes them seem best fit for the job, such as how the pigs are viewed as the most intelligent, or Ralph, "the being that had blown" (22) the conch, successfully bringing the boys together. Jack resents Ralph because he wants to be leader, and despite not recieving the position, he continually acts as though he did. Snowball and Ralph both assume a benevolent leadership than the other leader, even though they could just as easily been corrupted. Like Napoleon, Jack uses…show more content…
Jack exercises power over them by saying if there was a beastie, he would "hunt and kill it" (36). Jack continually denies the beast's existence, but always seems to keep the little ones in fear of it. There are many ways in which the leaders of both novels are the same, including personality traits and approaches to leadership. One of the more noticable is that there seems to be a better and a more tyrannical leader, with both Snowball and Napoleon, along with Ralph and Jack.On the other hand there are some differences between the pairs of leaders. As a whole, the boys have less of a hold on their "dependents". As Jack and Ralph are leaders of young boys, they tend to have a hard time upholding rules and authority. The pigs were aware of the extent of their power and used it all to their advantage. The main difference between novels is the leaders' ability to exercise their power over the "subjects". The pigs are more efficient, whereas the bos are not. In essence, there are undeniable parallels and differences between the leaders in each novel, which may or may not be suitable grounds for

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