Essay Comparing Anthem And A Doll's House

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In a shepherd's flock of sheep, the sheep aimlessly follow and obey the shepherd as it is their master. They proceed with doing this everyday as it's all they have learned since birth. As they repeat this mindless routine everyday, they are only seen as one equal flock rather than being individual sheep. A cattle dog usually herds the sheep, as it ushers them around to make sure no sheep goes out of order, or tries to escape its set route. In the societies portrayed in Anthem by Ayn Rand, and A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, there are two protagonists who act as the “black sheep” of the herd: Equality 7-2521 and Nora Helmer. Nora Helmer and Equality 7-2521 are similar as they both live in societies that are like the flock of sheep; both are…show more content…
Alike Equality, she faces a controlling society with preset expectations of her as a wife, mother, and woman. She is a women who can not escape this male dominated society without being shunned upon by others. She is seen as property or a weak woman to her husband Torvald. He does not want her to have independence and a woman in their society is supposed to depend on their husband for sanctuary. Torvald refers to Nora as his “frightened little singing-bird” and other derogatory names. This exemplifies how he sees her as weaker than him and almost helpless. Also he presents that he is expected to be the man of the household by stating, “I have broad wings to shelter you under.. I will protect you like a hunted dove that I have saved from a hawk's claws". Torvald also conforms to society as he is supposed to be the protector and provider for the “weak” and helpless “women”. This is a great similarity as both Equality and Nora are faced with the decision of either conforming to society and not being allowed to obtain true independence or individuality. They choose to become the “black sheep” who bypass the cattle dog and choose their own path even if it is against their set society

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