Essay Comparing Beowulf And King Arthur

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Beowulf and King Arthur are both portrayed as heroes and someone to look up to. Some similarities are both of them are very brave. They are also both very compelling leaders in their own respective ways. Even with their similarities they have differences in their heroic qualities such as Beowulf not really being a human in the sense that he can do superhuman things and King Arthur being a normal human being. It's also interesting to note that King Arthur was more of a hero for his character whereas Beowulf was more of a hero in the sense that he slays monsters and dragons.
The first similarity between Beowulf and King Arthur are that they are both very brave. Beowulf traveled all the way to Denmark after hearing the plight their people were going through. He didn’t even know anything other than what he was told. As if that wasn’t brave Beowulf went on to never back down from any monster whether it be Grendel, Grendel's mother, or the dragon he didn’t ever run from a fight. While King Arthur didn’t do go around killing all these monsters he was brave in other aspects. Such as in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". When the green knight charged in the hall and issued a challenge when no one else volunteered he did. While he ended up not having to it …show more content…

The first example of this was that King Arthur was not an ordinary person but he had no special ability over anyone else. The reason his story was made into a story is because he was such a great leader, and the story of how he came to be leader gave people hope and something to strive for. Everyone knows the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table and it just goes to show you even after all these years King Arthur's story is still affecting modern life. It can be assumed that King Arthur was a great leader and very compelling one because he had so many loyal fighters with him at the last

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