Essay Comparing Hamlet And Lion King

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In this essay I am going to talk about the likes and differences in Hamlet & Lion King.

Old Hamlet is Hamlet's father, Mufasa is Simba's father. The Lion King movie is

exactly like Hamlet. So I am here to compare and contrast these two movies.

Old Hamlet is the king of Denmark, his brother Claudius was jealous .

He wanted to be the king and he wanted Gertrude which is Old Hamlet’s wife.

The king went into Garden to rest and Claudius poured poison in his ear. Everyone

thought he died from a snake bite or bee sting. They had his funeral, Claudius was not

crying and had a strange look on his face something didn’t seem right between between

Hamlet’s mother and uncle. Claudius became King and married Gertrude. Hamlet did

not attend it, he was watching them from the ceiling through the glass. Hamlet saw his

father’s ghost and started to act like he was crazy.

Mufasa is the king of Pride Lands, his brother Scar was jealous. He wanted to be the king

and he made Simba think that if he ever lost his father, that he would take care of him.

Mufasa was trying to save simba and he was hanging off the cliff, Scar was holding on to him
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Hamlet was fighting someone that his uncle wanted to poison him with the sword. Claudius fixed Hamlet a drink, but Hamlet did not drink it. He got cute but he kept winning so his mother wanted to take a drink. She took a drink and tried to give him one but the didn’t want to drink any. His mother kept wiping her face, then she looked at the cup and the pourer, and her eyes caught Claudius. She fell out and everyone ran over to where she was, she said her last words to Hamlet before she was put to rest. Hamlet killed his uncle and about 3 minutes later he died from the poison in is cut. Sima did not kill his uncle but they had a few words for each other and they fought. Some animals took over Scar and the whole place was on
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