Essay Comparing Hamlet And The Lion King

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It is no secret that the mothers mentioned in the story Hamlet by Shakespeare and the Disney movie The Lion King are not the most important characters. However, these women have an important yet subtle influence on the plot and their sons. They give love to their offspring, whether unconditionally or occasionally. Queen Gertrude and Queen Sarabi have very blatant similarities, like their reigning status and their sons, but they also have strong differences, like how they react in unfavorable situations, and how they take care of their responsibilities.
The most obvious similarity between the motherly figures of these tales is that both Queen Gertrude’s and Queen Sarabi’s husbands were mysteriously murdered, and then that they each remain the
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Even though Hamlet is passionate about his mother, there is never a direct act from the prince that shows his sudden love and protection for her. Gertrude shows him an act of love by rising for his accomplishments during the fencing match and toasting a drink of wine to him. Unfortunately, that wine is intended for Hamlet’s consumption, and is filled with poison. Gertrude then shows an act of protection when she screams out to warn Prince Hamlet that the wine is indeed poisoned, saying “No, no, the drink, the drink!—O my dear Hamlet! The drink, the drink! I am poisoned. (dies)” (V.II.305). Conversely, it is the opposite with Simba and Sarabi’s relationship. Although Sarabi is vocally loving and protective towards her son, there is never one act she performs that stands out to protect him. Nevertheless, when Scar knocks Sarabi to the ground because of a complaint about his method of ruling, Simba sees this and jumps in front of her protectively, and fights Scar off, yelling “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip you apart”(The Lion King). It is clear that Sarabi’s love is more obvious and true for Simba than Gertrude’s for Hamlet, but both still show off a loving and protective relationship with their
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