Essay Comparing Jules Verne And H. G. Wells

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Verne and Wells- similar but different
Two of the most brightest science fiction authors, Jules Vern and H.G. Wells. Can they be compared or contrasted is hard to say. They are known worldwide, kids and adults are “captured” by their stories. Exploring center of the earth or meeting moon creatures, they will take you on those incredible journeys.
After reading books written by both of the authors, there is no need to say that worlds of science fiction and adventures are always going to be in their books. Wells gives you great opportunity to imagine worlds filled with creatures that we probably will never see. Selenite’s insect looking aliens that live on the moon were created by Wells, in the scientific romance called The First Men in the Moon. Who would ever think that moon would have any creatures that lived underground and were working all their lives and if they did not have any work they were just put to
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A man of science who spent his whole life to discover something big, and a guy who is not related to science at any ways but being slightly forced into a dangerous journey of a scientist.
Even movies made by those books have similarities that might interest people who read the book. Maybe it is a problem of old filmmakers, but to both of those movies was a woman with some irrational thoughts about the scientific journey but she is slightly adding a little romantic note to the whole movie.
Many things are similar but what about the difference. Many have said that Jules Verne is more accurate on scientific part but H. G. Wells’ has more freedom of his imagination by lowering some scientific parts of the book.
In the conclusion the only thing that can be said is that, two of those authors are too good to be compared to each other, they have similar righting style but the emotions after reading their books can be really
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