Essay Comparing Manolo's And Josemaria

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Although their lives started out pointing in the same direction, by the end of the movie, Manolo’s and Josemaria’s lives could not be more different (when young). The two distinct paths crossed, but for separate reasons. Love played a more prominent role in one life than in the other.

An obvious way that Manolo’s and Josemaria’s vocations to love were different was who was loved. Josemaria’s love was for God, which was then expanded to everyone through God. God was the center of his life from its beginnings. In contrast, Manolo’s life began with a tighter relationship with God, but as time moved on, he was called by other humans to join the civil war in Spain. His calling from many people blocked or toned out God’s call. Despite listening to the voices pulling him in many directions, he did hear his conscience at points, such as not murdering Josemaria when given the chance. He also kept the rosary that Josemaria gave him, perhaps as a way of holding onto his former self and something bigger than human beings. I believe that both Josemaria and Manolo knew there was a supreme power.

Josemaria and Manolo
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Both characters knew what love is in regards to people, but Josemaria and Manolo learned the love of vocation, a love closely linked with love of self, at some point during the movie. Josemaria, as throughout the whole movie, learned love of vocation early in his life by knowing what he wanted for himself and what God wanted for him. Manolo followed the voices leading him astray. These voices led him into the hate of himself due to his duties of the vocation chosen. The killing of those around him turned him into a man of stone. As mentioned, forgiveness released him from his rocky encasement. It is depressing to know that Manolo did not fulfill his God-given vocation until the end of his life, when he became fully aware of his call to forgive and truly
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