Essay Comparing My Brother Sam Is Dead And Two Kinds Of Patriots

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“Bang!” “Bang!” I am in the middle of the Revolutionary War! The two novels being compared and contrasted are Two Kinds Of Patriots by Lucy Jane Bledsoe and My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. The topics to be discussed are the religion, politics, and the conflicts. The characters discussed are the protagonist; Hank from Two Kinds Of Patriots and Tim from My Brother Sam Is Dead. The antagonist to be discussed Dorian from Two Kinds Of Patriots and Mr. Heron from My Brother Sam Is Dead. The two main religions of the time of the Revolutionary War were Puritans and Quakers, The religion will be discussed at a later time in the essay. The Protagonist had a lot in common. The antagonist, as well, had a lot…show more content…
But, when British troops attacked his house, slaughtered his livestock and scared his small family; had no choice but to become a Patriot and go to the ruthless war. Then, when Hank woke up, saw that the bright day was warm enough to cool of Valley Forge and enjoy a large feast that the generals had brought. One of the soldiers, Ike, was a trusted friend that sacrificed him, but not in death, to save Hank from getting killed. Hank and Dorian didn’t seem to care of each other as well as Ike did. The story took place in Valley Forge during the winter, which killed a lot of men because of illness, hunger, and hypothermia. Near the end of the end of the novel Hank had found a traitor hiding within. This novel is an amazing novel and I recommend it to almost all my friends. One similarity found between these two novels is the politics. The politics of both novels were Patriots vs Tories. Patriots, another word for it is Rebels, were against the King of England and wanted independence from England. The Patriots also wanted to stop being taxed for unnecessary products. However, the Tories, another word for it Loyalist, were in favor of the King of England and wanted to stay dependant with England. The Tories did not care what the king would do to
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