Essay Comparing My Papa's Waltz And Those Winter Sundays

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“My Papa's Waltz”, by Theodore Roethke, and “Those Winter Sundays”, by Robert Hayden are the two poems that are somewhat similar and both of these poems are about beloved fathers. Father is the man who is spends time with you and takes care of you. While doing so much for the family he gains the respect and love from the family. In these two poems Roethke and Hayden take a flashback at the actions of their fathers. Even though both of these poems propose that their fathers were not perfect, they still love them. I think that Roethke and Haden are regretting that they couldn’t express their feeling to their beloved fathers. They didn’t have strong bonding with their fathers like we have now. Both of the poets are capable of writing great poems…show more content…
Both of the poems are about the unconditional love to their father, but each defines it differently. It shows that no matter what happened love never ends. Love is not just about hugs and snuggles. In “My Papa’s Waltz” the father, who is whisking the boy away to bed, shows that no matter how tough the waltz was, the boy didn’t want to leave his dad. In “Those Winter Sundays” the love is being defined differently. Love in that poem is being expressed through duty, responsibility, and obligation. The father is fulfilling his duties and responsibilities to take care of his family. I guess this is his way of expressing love to his family and his son. In conclusion, the poets expresses their feelings, thoughts, and emotions through poetry. The poems “ My Papa’s waltz and “Those Winter Sundays” make readers understand the relationship of a father and son and proves that both of the speakers love their father but never got a chance to actually express their feeling for them and now, realizing their mistakes, they made in the past and regretting it. They both are very talented writers who knows the best way to communicate the meaning of their feeling in the poems and have control over
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