Essay Comparing President Hoover's Response To The Great Depression

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. Compare and contrast the responses of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Great Depression. a necessity for survival, Hoover as well as Roosevelt had their work cut out for them to save their nation from the grips of this depression. Bothe hoover and Roosevelt did share some common attributes when it came to approaching the great depression. Both presidents tried to rely on and use the federal government to help the economy, more so than any previous president before them. Hoover is often blamed for not doing anything to end the Great Depression, but he actually did try to use the government to create infrastructure projects, thus creating jobs. Like the Hoover Dam and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to try to end the Depression. There are two major differences between their approaches. One is that President Roosevelt was willing to do more than President Hoover to combat the Great Depression. Roosevelt was willing to let the government become more involved in the economy. Hoover did more than any previous president, but Roosevelt did much, much more than Hoover. The second is that Roosevelt did more to try to boost the morale of the people than Hoover had done. Roosevelt tried to convince people that things would get better and that the …show more content…

America was founded on the labor and at the expense of its black citizens. However, blacks have not always been considered citizens. There was a time during the slavery period in America, before the civil war, where African Americans were looked as less than human. They were property and many white wealthy men were given the right to own them like property. It was also during this time that other Americans started helping in the fight for African Americans rights in America. They saw them as what they were, which was human. And they wanted blacks to have just as many rights as their white

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