Essay Comparing Pride And Prejudice And The Awakening

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In both “The Awakening” and “Pride and Prejudice,” the protagonists each have contrasting views on many things. Edna from “The Awakening” is very rebellious and self centered when it comes to her actions. Meanwhile, Elizabeth from “Pride and Prejudice” is very witty, loyal, and brilliant. Their characteristics are different in numerous ways, with one being more likeable than the other. Elizabeth and Edna’s personas contrast by their thought processes, relationships with other characters, and their ultimate result. Edna Pontellier’s views are first questioned after she begins spending time with her male friend, Robert. She disregards her children and husband for this new love of hers. Eventually, they fall in love and Edna decides she wants to live for herself; Edna’s self fulfillment becomes centerpiece in all her actions. Edna struggles with balancing her identity, and the identity of Victorian era society. Edna is shamed in her community for her actions, resulting in crippling depression. Edna believes she is not meant to fit in, and struggles daily. Her “awakening” is the discovery that she doesn’t fit into the typical mold of a loyal…show more content…
Edna struggles by herself, and does what she determines best for her, against the wish of her friends. She leaves her husband and children behind to explore her sexual fantasies. Elizabeth however, grows and matures with a strong relationship with her mother, and sisters. Edna also runs away with a man, and embarks on a long journey of self fulfillment that leads to her suicide. This pleasure seeking trip is a direct response to the selfish values that she holds. Completely disregarding her children, she seeks pleasure over loyalty and runs off with her new boyfriend. Whether she regrets this decision is left to interpretation. Nevertheless, Elizabeth holds a strong worldview and is happy to marry a man and settle down who truly loves her (Elizabeth,
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