Essay Comparing Romeo And Juliet

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In Shakespeare 's acclaimed romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, the death of the two main characters can be attributed to two things. Their love for each other, and the social expectations of their time. A love so powerful, yet unthinkable sustains irrational thinking and impulsive actions, and results in the suicides of Juliet and Romeo. Social expectations of their time only add fuel to the flames, in that it gives them cause to kill themselves and pressures them into it. The tragic death of the two lovers Romeo and Juliet could be the fault of their love for one another. While most people in the play believe in a marriage that is profitable to one 's social status, Juliet and Romeo 's feelings for each other do not follow this…show more content…
Yet Romeo and Juliet 's love is one that transcends the orthodox realms of society and goes against what is socially appropriate. Even Friar Lawrence makes this distinction when he speaks of the difference between loving and doting. This is the difference between Romeo 's feelings for Rosaline and for Juliet. His love for Rosaline being trivial and juvenile while his feelings for Juliet are more intense and even at times imply a vague sense of religious idolatry. Juliet too, shares similar feelings which is displayed in her soliloquy, thinking of Romeo: “My only love sprung from my only hate!” (Shakespeare 50). Without having really gotten to know him on a profound and romantic level, she can already claim that she is in love with him despite their families ' fighting. Friar Lawrence even anticipates that something bad may occur due to the couple’s ardent passion, as he says, “These violent delights have violent ends,...” (Shakespeare 92). These feelings of affection can be chalked up to the teenage brain in love. As explained by Dr. Helen Fisher, "When you 're in the throes of this romantic love, it 's overwhelming, you 're out of control, you 're irrational" (Carey 1). This explains Romeo and Juliet 's willful and impulsive actions, such
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