Essay Comparing Sea Lullaby And The Tide Falls

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In both “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls” and “Sea Lullaby,” the poets suggest that, despite our efforts, our choices can disappear and, nature will go on even if one tries his/her hardest to defy it. For as much as this poem has to say about the circle of life, the poem has a lot to say about death. The first poem takes place at around “twilight” (during the death scene), a traveler is told to be leaving the shore (but is dead at the end of the poem), and the speaker continuously repeats, “and the tide rises, the tide falls” (indicating death). When the morning breaks, “...the day returns, but nevermore returns the traveller to the shore.” Once the traveller has died, all traces of their existence will completely obliterate; sometimes it doesn’t affect others around you. The author also…show more content…
Elinor starts us out with a small sight of the setting. She talks about a smoke-tarnished moon and the dead leaves, “with the color like blood.” I thought of it’s interesting word choice; showing/relating to death. She then mentions a child being murdered by the sea, and how the sea was joyfully killing the so-called “strong little boy.” The title itself, is also memorializing the meaning of the poem, “Sea Lullaby.” A lullaby is a story telling a child to go to sleep peacefully. However, throughout the poem the child is wandering through the night at the beach, not realizing he is heading towards the sea. He then drowns and the rest of the poem talks about how unfair and dramatic his death was, “she choked him and beat him to death, for a joke...She shouted for joy.” The author uses negative diction, showing passion for violence. It makes the audience feel like they absolutely have no sense of control over their surroundings. Therefore, allusions can be mashed under things (sea is beautiful but cruel) making us unsecured. Everything must go on, despite our
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