Essay Comparing The Great Gatsby And Goodfellas

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The director Martin Scorsese’s characterizes the New York mafia in the film Goodfellas on the basis of a true story, and the commonality that Scorsese has with the director Baz Luhrmann’s film, The Great Gatsby (2013), is that they share a depiction of characters in New York organized crime which creates the cinematic mood reflecting different eras. The cinematic language of both directors’ communicates to viewers by way of their artistic use of mise-en-scène, staging and design, as well as composition in a drama genre.
The film Goodfellas departs from the consistent violence of a gangster film genre through the way Scorsese portrays the characters. For example, the scene where Henry’s (Ray Liotta) voice-over point of view shifts to his wife Karen (Lorraine Bracco), she describes her average lifestyle, and later the film depicts mise-en-scène in the expensive parties, family gatherings, poker gambling games, and restaurant/night club gatherings. Moreover, they seek the most extravagant lifestyle quietly at times, not to bring attention to themselves. Conversely to Goodfellas, the director Baz Lurmann, depicts gangster behavior in the film The Great Gatsby (2013), through the way Lurmann portrays Jay Gatsby’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) illegal activities that are similar to the real-life Al Capone in the 1920’s. He
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Scorsese’s expertise as the director of the film Goodfellas, and Luhrmann’s direction of The Great Gatsby (2013), set the stage in New York, which fashionably suits both directors, and drives those hit films shoot to frame their nominations for Academy Awards, and leave the viewers dramatically in the mood of the film’s wise guy era or roaring in a 1920’s

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