Essay Comparing The Odyssey And Oh Brother Where Art Thou

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I am writing an essay comparing the sirens in The Odyssey and and oh brother Where Art Thou. we have done the Odyssey so much that I know exactly what's going on. when we watch the movie O Brother Where Art Thou I watched most of the movie to compare it to the Odyssey.

I am comparing the Sirens from The Odyssey and the Sirens from O Brother Where Art Thou. in both the Odyssey and O Brother Where Art though it describes on how they're on a journey to get home. in The Odyssey he is trying to get home. “ At home indeed your mother is comma poor lady still in the woman's hall. her nights and days are wearied out with grieving. So, they are literally trying to get back home. In addition to the Oh Brother Where Art Thou he’s trying to get to his wife and “ find a treasure that he made up to get home.” “ Damn! We're in a tight spot. So he's trying to get home to. Clearly they want to get home.”
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they both are trying to get back home but they come up to a shooting obstacle. in The Odyssey they made high pitched noises. So they tied Odysseus around the pole. So he wouldn't jump off the boat.” Keep well to seaward; play your oarsman's ears with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song. But if you wish to listen let the men tie you in the Lugger. So the sirens are trying to make them jump off. Furthermore, the movie O Brother Where Art Thou they passed out.” Ladies, you'll have to pardon my friend here; Pete is dirt ignorant and unschooled in the social arts. My none on the other bond is Ulypscus Everett McGill and you ladies are about the three prettiest water lilies it's ever been my privilege to admire.” Surley once you listen to them you will lose your
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