Essay Comparing The Oklahoma Constitution And The United States Constitution

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The Oklahoma Constitution and the United States Constitution have a variety of similarities and differences, thus creating an array of topics of discussion. The very structure of the state 's constitution holds close similarities to the U.S. Constitution, given the fact that it was ratified over a century later. At the time of the making of the Oklahoma Constitution, there were arguments between the left and right areas of the state. These arguments were based on the fact that the people involved in the making of the state 's constitution wanted to have the area that was labeled "Indian territory" and make it a secure part of the state of Oklahoma. After doing so, the two areas merged and created the document that the state still uses to this day. One of the most obvious similarities between the Oklahoma Constitution and the U.S. Constitution is that both documents include a preamble, which summarizes what the…show more content…
Another difference between the two varying constitutions is that Oklahoma 's Constitution currently holds over one hundred and fifty amendments, and is more open to additions and reductions, rather than with the U.S. Constitution, which has rarely ever been changed. Both documents also include a Bill of Rights, which dictates what basic rights the people have. A large difference between the Oklahoma and the U.S. Constitution is the fact that the state constitution highly focuses on education and the rights that go along with that. It recognized the fact that the students are to all have equal opportunities, and therefore should be allowed free education to a point. The Oklahoma Constitution also talks of the fundamental rights that every person should have: "All persons have the inherent right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the gains of their own industry." That ties into the U.S. Constitution, as the Oklahoma Constitution focused more so on the state, and the U.S. Constitution focused on the people of the United
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