Essay Comparing The Painted Drum And The Bingo Palace

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Many readers were eager to read the tone in The Painted Drum and The Bingo Palace. The Bingo Palace was published in 1995 giving Louise Erdrich enough time to perfect the tones in her novels. Between both novels Louise Erdrich changed tone in both novels because in The Painted Drum it was about Faye Travers finding an ancient drum, The Bingo Palace is about Lipsha Morrissey falling in love for the first time. In comparing the tones in both novels, there will be an examination of the tone in two different novels by Louise Erdrich.
Louise Erdrich has a certain tone in the novel The Painted Drum, Jean Wyatt argued that the transformation of the protagonists’ process central to this novel is not described at all (Wyatt par. 1). Rather, the narrative
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1). The quote that stood out the most in The Bingo Palace was “We do know that no one gets wise enough to really understand the heart of another, though it is the task of our life to try, we chew the tough skins, we wonder” (Erdrich 6). This quote was important to the novel because it made Lipsha Morrissey realize that he was wise enough to understand and love the heart of another. Lipsha Morrissey believed he could never love anyone till he met Shawnee Ray when he returned to the reservation. When Lipsha meets Shawnee Ray she is considering a marriage proposal from Lipsha Morrissey’s wealth boss. Although these sentences may sound like they aren’t relevant they are the main ideas to the plots success.
In The Painted Drum and The Bingo Palace, the plot line was pretty similar. The characters in both novels dealt with a romantic task, but they had to overcome many journeys through the novels. The tone in the novels varied due to the settings of the novels. Louise Erdrich wrote these novels with a similar plot line but the tone was
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