Essay Comparing The Sniper And Cranes

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“War is like love, it always finds a way” (Bertolt Brecht). Although one is pure and the other evil, the forces of both love and war influence the best stories. A more interesting topic emerges when a character must choose between loyalty to a loved one and devotion to government. In “The Sniper” and “Cranes” the main character is involved in a civil war that calls for allegiance to the government despite his feelings for a loved one who fights for the opposite cause. “The Sniper” and “Cranes” are two similar pieces of literature, however both stories are different and unique from one another. Although these stories share similarities in the plot, the characters, and the theme they also show many differences. In both stories the plots are similar;…show more content…
In both plots the main characters are faced with either dying themselves or killing a close friend or family member. Also, both plots end after the main characters make their decision to live themselves or kill a loved one. In both plots that civil war has harmful effects on people both internally and externally. The two plots are similar in these ways, they differ however, when it comes to... The characters in both stories are similar, but they also have many differences. Normally, soldiers fight against strangers, but in both stories the main characters fight against a close friend or a family member. In both “Cranes” and “The Sniper” the main characters deal with many hardships of war. The characters are tested for strength, loyalty, and kindness. They have to choose between their allegiance to the government or loyalty to family and friends. Both stories show realistic hardships of war that the main characters must surpass. In “The Sniper” the main character fights against another sniper, his brother. In “Cranes” the main character does not fight a family member but he is tasked with escorting his childhood friend to
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