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I’m comparing two main characters from the novels The Wars and The Tales Of Two Cities, Mrs. Ross from The Wars and Doctor Manette From The Tales Of Two Cities. Throughout the two stories the two characters have many similar traits and are very comparable, and go through the same types of struggle in their own story. Both characters have been greatly affected by one or two tragedies in their respected novel, they are turning points in the character 's life. In each story both Doctor Manette and Mrs.Ross have changed drastically, and are tremendously different from the beginning of the their life. Both characters have obtained a habit that was caused by the tragedy that struck them, the habit consumes the both character 's life.

In the novel The Tale Of Two Cities, Doctor Manette is imprisoned in the bastile for reasons both us and the characters in the novel don 't know. "It 's a dreadful remembrance. Besides that, his loss of himself grew out of it. Not knowing how he lost himself, or how he recovered himself, he may never feel certain of not losing himself again. That alone wouldn 't make the subject pleasant, I should think." (2.6.67). Mr. Lorry views just how terrifying just the notion of prison still is for Doctor Manette. The lack of control and power that Doctor Manette
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Both novels, The Wars and A Tale Of Two Cities have a lot of interesting characters but the two that can relate the most are Mrs.Ross and Doctor Manette. Thought out both novels both characters that have similar traits and they both have issues that they face both are identical and are both equally as important in their respective novel. I 've shown examples of how both characters tragedies have affected greatly, and are turning points of the stories and key elements for each character. I 've also shown how both characters changed tremendously throughout the novel, Also how both characters have gathered habits that have been caused by tragedies in the story

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