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AC3.2: Demonstrate working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goal, dealing with any conflict or difficult situation.

Leader in a Team: Working in a team as leader addressing a specific goal or dealing a problem or situation is very interesting difficult job. It’s a very important position because team leader driver of the team leading success or failure. Team leader provides direction, instructions and Giddiness to members of team. Responsibilities of team leader as under:

 Organize
 Develop Strategy
 Define roles
 Provide training
 Communicate
 Listen
 Monitor
 Manage
 Report
 Inform

Qualities of Team leader:
 Patience
 Listen to others
 Take in others' suggestions
 Include everyone
 Encourage
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If we compare team with a single person then a very large difference lies in the direction of action. Now if we compare group with team then group can exist but yet not achieve much. Whereas, a team, on the other hand, is Action Oriented. It has a clear objective which is shared by its members.
Some key features of a team which are as follow
There are a number of features of a team which make it different from a group:
1. In an effective team, members share a high level of commitment to achieving the common objective.
2. Members of an effective team experience a high level of satisfaction from being part of and working with the team.
3. In an effective team, members work well together in an integrated way, with a high level of awareness and appreciation of each others' strengths.
4. An effective team shows a high capability for solving its own problems. The skills exist and there is a willingness to act.
5. Most important from the organization’s point of view is that an effective team is one producing high quality results. High quality results, it could be reasonably argued, are the outcome from the other characteristics of the effective

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