Essay Describe Why Adaptive Behavior Must Be A Part Of The Measurement Of Intelligence

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1. When using IQ tests, the evaluator needs to make sure they cover the areas of concern, which would be the reasons the student was referred for evaluation.
2. Researchers should not rely totally on IQ tests, but they should use other assessment tools to provide a complete overview of the student.
3. The strengths and weaknesses of the student should be considered when assessing the IQ scores. These are important abilities that can provide insight into a student’s intelligence.
4. Evaluators need to make sure the data they obtain is used in the way intended. This will insure accurate information is obtained to make the correct decisions about the best placement or interventions for the student.
5. IQ tests can provide important information on a student but only if the investigator understands what is being tested on the subtests.
6. Analysts should be aware that some tests can be biased. As a result, they need to be on guard to protect a student from these problems.

Describe why adaptive behavior must be a part of the measurement of intelligence.
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Evaluators need to remember there is a correlation between intelligence and the adaptability of a student. In addition, adaptive behavior assists in measuring the skills of a student while preventing cultural and other biases from impacting the results. This is important because when making decisions for a student, accurate information needs to be used so that an impartial decision is made. Finally, a student that scores below the average range on intelligence tests, but is able to function at the same level as their peers socially should not be placed in a special education classroom. In this case, adaptive behaviors of a student is an important factor in their

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