Essay Differences Between Hinduism And Buddhism

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o 1.0 Introduction  As everybody knows that religion has importance in everybody lives as religion defines their personality. Two religions, Buddhism and Hinduism are almost similar to each other. They have many similarities and differences also. This report consists of similarities and differences between this two religions. The founder of the Buddhism religion was Guatama Buddha this religion was founded in 654 BC. There is no founder of the religion Hinduism. According to some resources it is said that Hinduism is not basically a religion but it is a way of living or a substance of life. The spreading of Buddhism religion had started from India and it spread among many countries. There are two types of Buddhism according to some sources, Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism is quite different than Theravada Buddhism as it refers to the daily practice of meditation by Buddhists. It also has many subcategories which are Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. o 2.0 Similarities between Islam and Hinduism  2.1 Similarity in Meditation between Hinduism and Buddhism •…show more content…
The main motive behind motivation for Buddhist is for self-realization. Whereas the main reason for meditation for is psychological than religion in Hinduism. For Hindus, meditation is like feeling connected with the God, who is the creator. The other main purpose for doing mediation is mental and physical relaxation. In Buddhism, Buddhist monks do meditation in order to improve their fighting techniques. Hindus do meditation in order to get unaccountable powers. In Buddhism meditation plays an important role in the aspects of religious belief. Meditation is an essential part of their
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