The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book

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Comparing The Book The Great Gatsby to the Film Many literary works have been adapted into movies, however, books offer more detailed information to the audience compared to the movies. The Great Gatsby is an example of a novel that was adapted into a movie directed by Baz Luhrmann. According to Batchelor, even though the movie and the book can be compared, the film does not stay true to the original text (45). However, Luhrmann is not the only producer that has stayed true to the original authors writing. Nonetheless, he stays true to the theme and the plot of the original story. The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and it has been adapted into many films since its publication. The setting of the novel is in…show more content…
Luhrman’s film presents a different version of Daisy compared to Fitzgerald’s version. For instance, in the film, the character of Daisy Buchanan is portrayed differently from that of the novel. In the film, Daisy is depicted as a woman with a nice and soft voice that gets attention. In contrast, in the movie, Mia Farrow who acts as Daisy does not have a soft and the right voice for her role. In fact, she has a high pitched squeaky annoying voice which contrasts the Daisy in the novel. Moreover, in the movie, we see Daisy attracted to her cousin Nick Caraway, which is contradictory to the novel where she is not attracted to him. In the movie, Daisy can be seen kissing Nick and asking him if he loves her, yet this does not appear anywhere in the novel. In the movie, Daisy is portrayed as a loose woman compared to the Daisy in the novel. In the beginning of the movie The Great Gatsby, many dogs appear in almost every scene, whereas in the novel, there is only one dog which belonged to Myrtle Wilson and this dog played a very important role in the book. Moreover, the book and the film’s explanation on how Nick met Gatsby, is very different. In the film, we see Nick summoning Gatsby and they meet in a formal way. Comparably, in the novel, they met in one of Nick’s parties and Daisy had never met
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