Explain Why Guns Are More Than Weapons Essay

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Guns are more than weapons. But they are not as evil as you seem to be saying. Firearms are tools. Knives are tools. Hammers are tools, but all three can be used to harm or kill others and on that you cannot logically disagree. Firearms are a deterrent to criminals who would attack anyone anytime and anywhere...because of the unknown fact that their victim might be armed with a firearm and use it to save their life and protect their property and loved ones. Firearms are also a check & balance to the potential of government abuses of power. You may feel that to be an unrealistic statement, but ask the Jews who survived the Holocaust if firearms were not first taken away before they were misled into believing that they were being relocated (instead…show more content…
Your lack of knowledge about firearms might show that a fear of lawful firearms owners rules your thinking. That is unfortunate, because not all of us live within five blocks of a police station that is just chomping at the bit to answer a call for assistance when a home invader is trying to kill you, or an armed robber has cornered you. My response to danger to myself and my family is the ability to defend us immediately, not 15 minutes later when the police arrive to take pictures of my corpse & crime scene. You are free to do it your way and I wish you no harm, but I dare you to put a "No Firearms Here" sign on your front lawn...how long do you think it will be before the knife-wielding thug comes thru your front door with bad intentions? Are you going to outlaw knives next? Remember it is just a tool. The criminal intent of the person who holds the tool, whatever it is, is the problem and needs controlled (or deterred by a legal gun owner), not the instrument the criminal chooses be it a car, a club, a bomb, or a firearm. That is why we also have to have prisons and courts, to address those who inflict harm on others, not the makers of the automobile, baseball bat, or

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