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My name is Numan Ahmed and by writing this letter I would like to present myself as a candidate for Master of Science in the field of “Electrical Engineering”. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan and gained 3.34 CGPA out of 4 with the virtue of hard work & being punctual.

With my commendable efforts, My academic performance has been always on excellent level and it can reflect my dedication and sincerity towards studies. I always tried to discover how the things around me worked. I have always shown willingness and keen interest in my existing and new subject matter. Along with that, academic skills have been an important consideration to
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The faculty in my university provided me full assistance and support. My undergraduate courses have provided me with a firm foundation of the fundamental Principals of Electrical Engineering. The curriculum of the BS Electrical Engineering consists of the blend of “Technical” as well as “Creative” courses. Technical subjects such as High Voltage Engineering, Control Systems, Communication systems, Optoelectronics, Modern Microprocessor Systems, Digital and Power Electronics, Electronic System Design gave me a great insight regarding technical work and also provided admirable ground works for advanced study. And then I was able to make my final year project named as “Highly Efficient Smart Irrigation System Using Data Logging” with the group of three members in which I was made the group leader. Therefore, I would like to continue my academic career by pursuing a master degree in the field of Electrical Engineering.

My first priority is my studies and I always trying to make the most of the time for studies. But I actively involved in many co-curricular activities because a healthy mind generates healthy ideas. I was the member of the university cricket
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