Essay For Nursing Admission

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I have been fortunate enough to have been able to major in the field of health sciences as an undergraduate. Now, I would like to continue my education and concentrate a career in nursing. My lifelong dream has been to help and take care of others. Volunteering at Health Central during my high school years really aided me in believing that it was possible to fulfill my dream. The ability to be there for someone in need and build a level of trust is important for any field but more importantly for the medical field. Being a nurse is someone who has to acquire those traits in order to be successful. My personal experiences in life directly reflect on my character and personality. I find myself to be an exceptionally empathetic and humane individual.…show more content…
The nurse who was by my side the entire time was compassionate, sympathetic, and courageous. Personally, I believe nursing is a gratifying career. The field grants an individual to be emotionally and financially satisfied. Specifically, it will allow to me reach my goal of helping others and making a difference in someone’s life. The ability to interact with people from different cultures and races, interests me. Being an American-born, Pakistani Muslim has unfortunately allowed me to face some ridicule over the past few years that my fellow American minorities have faced for generations. My diverse lifestyle and open-mindedness has allowed me to view life differently than others. I have traveled overseas to countries such Pakistan, China and Dubai; where I have seen different social and economic structures. The poor are extremely poor and the rich are remarkably wealthy. My travel experiences have further widened my view of people and their lifestyles. Furthermore, the learning process is never over for a nurse. There is always something to learn whether it is from an article, a patient’s case, doctor or a peer. Constantly learning and being able to use the knowledge is what makes the field
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