Essay On Play And Children

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Playing And Our Children Children are a blessing from God and every little thing that they do in life matters a lot to the parents. As children grow up, there are many different kinds of activities they like to do and one of them is play. Play can be in any form such as video games, outside and inside games. Play is an important part of the child’s world that is needed for the child’s social and emotional development. It is important to observe how play affects children in both positive and negative manner. Play is an important perception that is introduced at the early stages of children’s life. Children are introduced to different kinds of toys since birth. Playing has been identified as a tool to develop the child in different areas such as social, emotional, physical and creative. Children learn through fun and use different toys and activities to improve their skills. For example, children who play brick toys and puzzle improve their cognitive, mental skills and their motor skills. There are few games that are catered towards improving children’s motor skills such building blocks, playing with numbers and alphabets as these form an integral part of the…show more content…
The control is vital so that it develops the child in the right manner and does not leave any negative impact on the child. According to Krywko (2013) there are two kinds of plays such as structured and unstructured play as both the plays affect child development and it has been proved that unstructured play develops the child more. Playing games at home and school helps the children to grow and enhance their skills in various areas while some games are only for improving their mental abilities. Some children would not like to study Math’s as a subject but with the help of games they can be taught skills in
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