Essay How To Be A Goal Oriented Person

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How to Be a Goal Oriented Person We live in a thoroughly rigid and structured world. This rigidity has spread like an infection and affected every aspect of our everyday lives. It goes without saying that the most affected part of our lives is our jobs. These days, your jobs should be taken with utmost seriousness and vehemence. It really is a war zone out there and the only way to make sure that you remain actively employed and relevant is to be goal oriented. Being goal oriented means working (and doing basically everything else) with a result, an aim or an objective always at the back of your mind. It actually pays to be goal oriented as you get something to serve as an incentive and to guide every course of action you take. Being thoroughly…show more content…
When defining goals, it is important to make sure that these goals are right for you, considering the factors around you. You should make sure that these goals are not only feasible and realistic, but also immediately actionable. Setting the right goals will actually make it easy to remember them and always keep them in mind. Two other important factors to be put into consideration are your personality and the nature of the goal you’re pursuing. Most times, people make the mistake of choosing goals because they saw these goals being achieved by others without putting in mind the approach and mindset that the other person actually put into achieving that goal. However, the truth is that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the other. You need to realize your incentive for pursuing this action. Knowing that will help you to stay focused and basically stop at nothing in achieving that objective. A good way to ascertain your goals is to perform what we call a perspective test. This basically entails looking at this goal from the point of view of someone who has achieved it. How will you fell? Do you fl fulfilled or will you still want something more? Questions like these are what will help you in determining whether or not a goal is truly right for
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