Essay: How To Walk Off-Leash With Your Dog

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Walking Your Dogs Off-Leash
Walking off-leash with your dog is one of the greatest joys a pet owner can experience. But making that first leap, that decision to let your dog off his leash during a walk in the park or a stroll through the woods, is terrifying.
When to do it?
First you need to make sure that your dog completely understands the keyword “Come Here” You need to ensure you train your dog in the meaning of this keyword, and test that they listen 100%ish of the time before you consider letting them off leash in a public place. Test their re-call, or ability to understand the keyword “Come Here” and come to you when you ask, in your backyard, in your neighbor’s backyard, and from random places in the house. Try doing so with lots of distractions and background noise.
How to do it?
You need to take a deep breath and be brave! Now find a local park or wooded area to start the training process. Chose a spot as far from the road as possible, and quiet, with little to distract your dog. Now follow this simple step-by-step process,
Start with your dog on a leash
Take a piece of your designated healthy treat
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Don’t feel pressured that your friend’s dog knows all the tricks in the book and doesn’t even think of sitting on a couch. Instead decide what makes you happy and what brings a peaceful living environment for all in your family unit. My dogs definitely don’t know all the tricks, and love a good curl-up on the sofa, but when I know they understand our family standards perfectly is when we all go for a long walk in the woods, or trek in the English countryside. No leashes required, my dogs know I am their person and they are following me wherever I may cooly, calmly, and effectively lead them. This in my eyes in true obedience, and a harmonious

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