Essay: Imagine Yourself In The Year 2050

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Imagine yourself in the year 2050.
What is your life like?
Where do you live, and how do you live?
What is your occupation?
What does the infrastructure of society look like?
What kind of food do you eat?
What is the weather like?
I am 66 years old in 2050 and I would have about 6 years left of my life, according to a calculator, which estimate the lifespan of a human life. It means, that making long-term plans, not really fits within the frame of my possibilities anymore.
I still live in Sweden. The younger decision-making part of society is not much concern about their elders, so the minimum retirement age has been increased to 77 years, which is paradoxically in contrast to the high rate of young adult unemployment, but it is radically
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Many years of work in aviation, and with its related stress, has finally reflected on my health. I do not have a retirement income and social benefits are much lower due to higher taxes, larger number of pensioners (overpopulation) and damaged global economy, which does not allow me to live a decent rest of my life. For example, occasional travel to exotic countries, or visiting far living family members few times a year is financially impossible.
Population in EU countries has enormously increased since the beginning of the 21st century due to overconsumption of water supplies and with it related agriculture problems in some Third World countries, which led to food shortages. And also, due to still ongoing ethno-religious conflicts in certain regions.
People of many European countries are yet again in a conflict with their governments because of their dissatisfaction with new regulations related to tens of millions of refugees and asylum seekers, which leads to radical reduce in theirs already diminished life standards.
Younger generations in Sweden live, in average, half of their life with their parents due to lack of housing, finances, and employment. Only very resourceful part of society is able to own an apartment or even a house. The “housing bubble” has not yet popped as it was expected long time ago. Prices are enormous for most of the

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