Essay: Is Ecological Loss Effecting The Environment?

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• To what extent is ecological loss effecting the environment?
Clean air is essential to a healthy environment and for the healthy life of all living things. Air is said to be polluted when it contains certain substances in high amount and for long periods of time to cause harm.
• World Perspectives:
Air can also get polluted due to natural causes such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, sandstorms, and pollen from the plants.
The events send smoke, ash, and gases into the atmosphere. Human activities also lead to air pollution. Factories and transport are major sources of pollution. Factories and vehicles emit smoke, which in most cases contains harmful substances that mix with the air. Most air pollution comes from the burning of fuels such as coal and petroleum.
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Air pollution is also caused when fuels such as wood, coal, or kerosene are used in homes for cooking food or heating water. While building cities and roads, trees are often cut down in large numbers. What is ignored is the fact that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give off oxygen, and clean the air. When the number of trees in any area is reduced, the quality of air goes down. Air pollution leads to various kinds of health problems. It also causes harm to plants and animals. The accumulation of harmful substances in the air can also increase the temperature of a place and affect the climate. Another serious climatic effect of air pollution is acid rain. This occurs when certain gases created by burning fossil fuels mix with particles of water in the atmosphere. When these particles fall to the ground as rain or snow, they damage forests, soils, water bodies, and buildings. The ozone layer of the atmosphere protects the earth from the harmful radiations of the sun. Scientists have observed that air pollution is harming the ozone layer. If it becomes too thing or disappears, the harmful rays would reach the earth. It could cause crop failure, the

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