Bullying And Harassment In The Workplace Essay

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This report discusses the concept of “managing bullying and harassment in the workplace” and emphasizes the importance of employers’ responsibility in managing workplace bullying. In addition, it highlights the differences between organizations operations and the similarity in such issues persisting due to the lack of awareness on the causes and consequences of workplace bullying. This report concludes by recommending actions that could be undertaken to manage workplace bullying, to recognize and to act upon the said responsibilities in the pertinent areas.

Most people think that bullying is very common nowadays. Studies commissioned by the Workplace Bullying Institute have shown that one in three employees has suffered
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The aforementioned phenomena results in material social and economic costs to both employers and individuals. Serious risks include psychological harm and physical injuries, increased stress levels and an overall significant impact to the safety and well-being of the individual.

Workplace bullying is the situation whereby an employee is treated with negative acts for a long period of time by his peers, supervisors or bosses. Usually the employee is unable to defend or retaliate due to the recognition of a formal or informal power imbalance.

These advices will help employees in successfully dealing with or in managing bullying. The aim is to provide good and practical advice on creating a safer workplace. Risk management procedures should be adhered to such that all potential incidents can be identified and assessed immediately. Necessary actions should be taken to reduce the risk. Preventive actions can be followed up to ensure bullying will not repeat.

Employees are strongly encouraged to partake in creating safe workplace procedures and policies dealing with bullying. All employees concerned should report any incident of bullying to the appropriate
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No one can define law in legislation or case law, it may be easily identified but will need some work to get started as a formal complaint of bullying. Most instances bullying behavior is revealed by repeated actions along with intention and desire to cause fear or distress, gain power and exert dominance of the victim.
When bullying in the workplace does occur, both statutory obligations and common law apply. Both victim and employer must be taken care of and be aware of certain procedures to improve the situation. Employees must make sure that the employer is aware of the problem. On the employer’s side, investigation is a multi-step process that needs to be done thoroughly in addressing the needs of the employee being investigated; in ensuring the safety of the employee and making sure any discipline is warranted, avoiding any potential claims as a result of an investigation not conducted properly.
Overall, the findings are held as an indicative of tendency for victims of bullying to be at risk in workplace and the knowledge on how individuals and organization may suffer as a result of

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