Essay Of Foolhardy In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island

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In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins is a curious young boy who finds a treasure map which leads him on an adventure to Treasure Island. In this book, Jim is portrayed as an extremely foolhardy person. A foolhardy action is one someone makes without thinking through it, potentially putting them in danger. Jim is shown as foolhardy when he goes out from under the bridge, goes off of the ship with the pirates, and runs out of the stockade. One time Jim is portrayed as foolhardy is when he goes out from under the bridge. When pirates come to their hotel, Jim and his mother find a hiding spot under a bridge and they are safe and hidden, but Jim lets curiosity take the better of him and goes out from under the bridge. His “curiosity, in a sense, was stronger than my fear; for I could not remain where I was, but crept back to the bank again” (Stevenson 39). This is foolhardy because when Jim has a perfectly good hiding spot, the bridge, he let curiosity get the better of…show more content…
A few days after Jim heard that the pirates were planning a mutiny, they reach the island and he informs the honest hands about what he had heard. So, Captain Smollett lets the pirates go to shore to give the honest men time to plan an attack. Jim goes as well, fully knowing that they are bloodthirsty pirates and potentially ruining the plan. It “occurred to me at once to go ashore”(Stevenson 115). This action was foolhardy because Jim knows about the captain’s plan. If he didn’t know about the plan, it would have been an honest mistake. Also, he said that it “occurred to me at once”. This means that he didn’t think his plan through. He just left without even telling the honest hands and if he were to be found, he would have been killed. As it has been shown, Jim is foolhardy because he went with the pirates while knowing that he was putting the honest hand’s plan in
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