Essay Of Mice And Men Loneliness

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Imagine a world where human interaction ceased to exist. As humans, we would all live in a state of loneliness. How would everyday life differ compared to the real world? John Steinbeck portrays a clear understanding of the idea of loneliness within “Of Mice and Men,” through his characters, where certain individual’s lives are impacted negatively. We witness a negative impact take place on Crook’s and Curley’s wife. We understand the author’s lesson when Crooks explains how “a guy gets too lonely, an’ he gets sick” (pg. 80). The author explains to us through character dialogue that loneliness causes a negative impact on people’s lives. As readers, we can incorporate our understandings from the story, and relate it within our world. The effect…show more content…
As humans, we can differentiate between an individual who may be lonely to someone who is not. Factors of loneliness from characters in the story “Of Mice and Men,” can also be seen within people of the real world. In our world, isolation is an indisputable factor of loneliness. Isolation can be seen when people are ignored. And within the story, we witnessed the negative impact made on Crooks; the idea of everyone being an enemy in his eyes. Our society functions in the same manner in regards to loneliness. A person, who is often ignored and disliked by society, begins to feel as if the whole world is against them. They gradually develop corrupt thoughts and hatred for others; believing everyone around them is an enemy. It is clear to us that this impact on someone’s state of mind is negative. The different events that took place within the story and the character development effectively helped us understand loneliness. We understood how loneliness played a role within the story, and afterwards incorporate Steinbeck’s lesson within our world. We could relate the lesson about loneliness due to character development. The way Curley’s wife and Crooks acted, was recognizable and relatable to people in our world; helping us notice the negative effects of loneliness in our world. Visualizing how life would be without human interaction is
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