Essay On 14th Amendment Of Education

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I believe that education should be a right in America and that every single child here should have the equal opportunity to a quality education, without any burdening costs to their families. The 14th Amendment is supposed to ensure that this a reality in America, as it states that, “no living child in that state* [*a state that establishes a public school system] may be denied equal access to schooling”. This Amendment was ratified in 1868, and yet the fight for equal education continues to be a struggle for minorities to this day. One of the, if not the, most famous public fights against this injustice was the case Brown v. Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas. Before this case, schools were segregated, but deemed “separate, but equal”. This…show more content…
I believe that it is easy to say what is correct and to have strong morals, the hard part is the action and initiative. Being educated in a predominately white school has thrusted a role of independance and leadership onto me that I am grateful to have developed, even with the challenges that come along with that role. I was expected to represent African Americans and Hispanics when I was the only student of color in a class, even though that role was not for me, or anyone, to have. Although students of color in the future should not be forced to face this adversity, I believe that it is my job to take on this role in order to pave the way for those kids of the future. My ancestors have fought the entirety of their lives so that I could be where I am today and I will do the same. Patience, teaching, and receiving an education myself is key to this goal. I must be living proof of the success of African Americans and use to success to teach my children and everyone around me who is ignorant of what the racial issues in America are. I cannot be silent because that reflects complacency in America’s current state. To make myself known, is to make known the greatness and struggle within every unheard voice of
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