Essay On 18th Century American Culture

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The political and cultural changes which took place in the eighteenth century colonial America have vital importance on to the way we live our lives today. The functioning of the modern government and religious institutions are defined by the shifting events of the eighteenth century America, molded by the Enlightenment. Let’s not forget that the notion to take our freedom for granted which we exercise quite well today, was not so easily afforded to our forefathers.
I imagine how wonderful it would have been to sit in a room where Benjamin Franklin is giving a speech or perhaps engage in a conversation with him, just the mere thought of it is giving me goose bumps. He was a self-made man an American, who by his own endeavors and hard work became the highly celebrated man we learn about today. An American during the eighteenth century is a person influenced by many …show more content…

I quite enjoyed their writings even though closely tied to ideas about government which I never thought would fascinate me. I realized that I am reading about the birth history of the nation. Countless astonishing ideas about what a free country should look like, but definitely a need for a government to lead its people who are not always suited to make vital decisions as a group without a leader. I would like to defend that sentence by saying that I am not questioning the ability of individuals to make smart decisions, but what I mean is that not all people are suited or strive to fulfill government positions. Therefore, voting for representatives is a significant decision an individual makes by electing an excellent government which in return allows said individual to fulfill their own calling in a free country full of nurturing

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