1906 Earthquake Research Paper

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5:12 a.m., Wednesday, April 18, 1906, one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of the United States hit the heavily populated city of San Francisco, California. This violent earthquake caused extensive and expensive damage and deaths across the city and even resulted in a fire that raged throughout the city for four full days after the earthquake. While the exact casualty tall is uncertain modern scientist estimate the death toll to be around 3,000 people with rough 25,000 left without a home(_____________3________________). However, all was not lost, from the rubble and ashes of San Francisco scientists, seismologist, and geologists alike were able to make improvements upon earthquake technology and better define what causes…show more content…
However, the scientist did the best they could with what they had. While they did not have access to Richter scale which was invented by Charles Richter in 1935. It was originally said that the magnitude of the 1906 earthquake would have been around an 8.3M earthquake, however, modern technology and ever improving evolutions of this earthquake measuring system, insist that the true magnitude was roughly between 7.8M and 8.2M (_______2___3______). Either way the magnitude of this earthquake was enough to cause extreme amounts of damage to the city and its inhabitants, no machine was needed to determine that…show more content…
However, there was plenty of good to come from this tragic event. The 1906 earthquake made it possible for scientist to better understand what exactly causes an earthquake, along with understanding the immensity of the San Andreas Fault, all can be used to improve the safety of the city for its inhabitants. In fact the seismology, geology, and scientific world prospered after the earthquake as the earthquake provided plenty of data for the scientist to explore. From this data came theories like the elastic rebound theory that are still in use today. The magnitude of the earthquake gave hint to the size and power of the San Andreas Fault, that was previously unknown. And while the extensive death tolls and damage made to the city was horrific, the better understanding and knowledge of how to properly build for the San Andreas earthquakes was priceless. The ‘Great Earthquake’ of 1906 was not only a massively impressive earthquake but it was also the creator of one of the most destructive fires in the history of the United States of

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