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Fashion Sense During The Roaring Twenties The 1920’s, well known as “The Roaring Twenties”, was a time for the celebration of freedom. During this time, women had been granted the right to vote and people all around the country started listening to the same music, dancing the same dances, buying the same things, and speaking the same slang. As the sale of alcohol became prohibited, people would go to illegal speakeasies where they would be able to dance, drink, smoke and celebrate life. Being wealthy was a popular idea of the time period. At the time, having more money meant that you could buy nice cars and a variety of clothes that were suitable to the ‘20s fashion style. Women's clothing during the 1920’s was mostly made to be able to move without restrictions. Since dancing was such a popular thing to do, the clothing had to be made especially for moving around and having fun while being comfortable and trendy. Their fashion was inspired by being young. It was called the “flapper” look. Flapper clothing was made for their figure to look more boyish opposed to having any curves. Men's fashion followed the boyish look as well, without having the title of a flapper of course. Most of men's clothing would be made to hide their broad shoulders. Men's…show more content…
It was now “allowed” or “acceptable” for women to expose more skin, most likely because they had more rights and freedom to do what they desired, so they would expose their shoulders/back and their legs. They still wore long dresses but shorter dresses (shift dresses) with fringe, heavy beads and occasionally lace were most popular for going out and dancing. According to, long pearl necklaces were very popular in women's fashion of the 1920s. Underneath their dresses they would wear stockings and over their dresses they would wear big fur coats and scarves or cardigans. Women also wore striped and color blocked outfits and loose belt

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