Essay On 1920's Inventions

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The 1920’a was a time on innovation, and invention, it brought communication and better technological advances that would change and impact history. With these changes came with simpler or more luxurious lives. The roaring 20’s brought attention to inventions that would make life more enjoyable and less time consuming. These inventions shaped America into what it is today.
Some critical inventions were things like a traffic light, this was critical because on July 30th 1920, the first automobile with an combustion engine was built. This cased many more Americans to have automobiles which cases traffic, the traffic light was a perfect invention because it helped move traffic in an orderly fashion. Even today we use the traffic light to control
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Some of the washing machines before the 1920’s would shred the clothes instead on wash them, so something had to be done to fix this problem. Although the washing machines were not totally automatic the 20’s made it one step closer to the washing machine to be totally automatic. Also, the motor drain pump, and the water heaters brought the washing machine one step closer to what the machine is today as well.
Other inventions like the first refrigerator is a need in modern day society that sparked from the 1920’s. Some of the first refrigerators were very bulky and very loud, until General Electric advertised a quieter more slim fight refrigerator. This is just another example of something that is need to function in everyday society today. Things like band aids were also invented during the 20’s, this small invention still has impacts on modern society, many little kids and other people of any age use band aids daily.
The 1920’s brought many ideas and inventions that still impact us today. Without some of these simple and innovative ideas we would not be the modern society we are today. It shaped America and brought attention to innovation that would save time and allow people to have hobbies, because they no longer have to work as hard. This was an enjoyable time in history because people began realizing that they could now have hobbies and do more enjoyable
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