Essay On 1920s Women

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In general, from 1884 to the 1920s women worked so hard to achieve women 's rights. Women have always been looked down upon by different groups within society. From the early times women have been viewed as weak figures. As recently as the early 1900’s women were unable to work in professional fields such as business and medicine. This resulted in women being unable to advance financially in society and being dependent on their husbands. Many women were subjugated to working in factories that produced clothes, war parts, and car parts. These jobs were not very secure, were unsafe, and paid very little for long days. A family would not have been able to live off of such a small income. Although many opportunities have been spread to women of…show more content…
Women in today’s society have more educational background than in previous centuries and a wider range of career opportunities. In today’s society, many women and young girls will go to different things that they believe enhances their beauty. Such as things like make-up, plastic surgery, shaving/waxing, and even hair extensions are all products utilized by today’s women to enhance their beauty. “Every year, women spend billions of dollars in exchange for beautiful hair, luxurious eyelashes, and smooth, silky skin” (Scherker). So many ads have been created in regard to most of these products. Many different cosmetic products have been displayed in stores as if it’s the only way you will be considered attractive and presentable to everyone that your approach is if you are utilizing their product. Although, most women fail to realize that none of these beauty products are necessary. They still, however feel the need to purchase these items due to the fact that they feel that their social status will be affected if those certain products aren’t used and they don’t look a certain way. With such high maintenance demands among women today, it leaves a lot of pressure and stress upon
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