Essay On 1940's Technology

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1940’s Technology
The world is an interesting place; there are phones that hold thousands of pictures and enable you to talk to someone on the other side of the world. The innovation of new technologies has become so advanced that 2 in every 9 people owns a smartphone. Modern technological advances have made it possible to connect with various regions across the world, and can even tell your mother where you are so she can find you. But things were not always this way; we used to have to wait for the radio to tell you what’s going on in the world. In the 1940’s, many different changes occurred before World War II, during, and even after the war. Some of the changes were subtle, but others, not so much. As the 1940’s approached, it brought upon change regarding American society in the years leading up to World War II. “1940’s fashion arose; like nylon stockings, artificial fiber, and a more heat-resistant nylon“(Du Boff). This change in American culture was most likely due to America’s newly acquired attitude towards innovating and advancing towards a greater modernity. This process was also seen in Los Angeles, where the first freeway system was created. The new improvements in transportation also set the
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It also highlights how different our lives would be if these certain technologies were not created due to World War II. Different scientists, and engineers made a lot of different technologies, but during this time we also had terrible things happen as well, like the atomic bomb. Things that changed or were invented ranged from anything from telescopes to clothes. During the 1940’s, World War II struck. Because of this tragic event, it prompted a drastic change. This changed technology in a way that reshaped how we live today. Technology will continue to leave a huge impact in today 's society and these qualities were especially shown during the decade of
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