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1960s Fashion Fashion in the 1960s became an extreme style of attitude from the beginning of the decade to the very end. During this time, fashion turned from boring couture into cheap and flamboyant street wear. Different types of fabrics started to make its way into the wardrobes of many. The youth culture of the 60s had an immense influence in the fashion world and they did not stop once they were on top. The Vietnam War also lead to the so called 'Hippie ' style of the decade. Along with the help of famous fashion designers and icons, the fashion world changed tremendously. To start off, the 1960s was a decade of massive change throughout the fashion world triggering ideas and images which still appear modern today. The decade …show more content…

When thinking about fashion, many people think of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., but what people may forget is that hair influenced the fashion of the decade as well. In the 1950s, the hairstyles were more of a natural look with length varying from long to short (Women 's 1950s Hairstyles). Popular hairstyles included The Italian Cut, which had the short and scruffy, yet sculptured hairstyle, with waves all over, and soft fluffy curls; The Bubble Cut, where the hair was teased into tight curls all over, and the poodle cut (Women 's 1950s Hairstyles). As the time period changed, so did the hairstyles. By the 1960s, not only did hairstyles changed, but so did hair colors. Hair color became extremely popular in the sixties as research in hair color science gave rise to a large development of new tints and tones (Women 's 1960s Hairstyles). With this, many new trends came about, such as the 'frosting ' which is bleaching small strands of hair all over the head. Popular hairstyles of the 60s consisted of The Beehive, The Short Bob, and long hair with bangs, or so called fringes (Women 's 1960s Hairstyles). Another popular look was the short and sharp styles created by the famous hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon. As seen above, the hairstyles changed immensely from the 1950s to

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