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Movies in the 1960s
Movies in the 1960s have influenced movies today because they brought action movies to people’s attention. Musicals are movies with many songs in them, drama movies could be sad movies with possible happy endings, and action movies are movies that usually involve a hero with an enemy. Jaws was an action movie being made in the 1960s, but had a major aftereffect of influence to future action movies. Drama movies were very popular in the 1960s because of the mood set. Even though there were many drama movies based on the mood of the 1960s, occurring from the Vietnam War, there were many favored musicals. In fact, three of the biggest hits of the decade were musicals. Although movies in the 1960s were sad because of the mood of despondency from the Vietnam War, many musicals were big hits in this decade with the action movie jaws being a bigger hit when it was released in 1975.
General Information About 1960s Movies Cinema changed a lot during this decade of the 1960s. Some movies, particularly drama were longer movies. From the 1960s to now have changed a lot, referring to the types of cameras to film with and sets of the movies. In addition, one of the things that was changed the most during this
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These movies are sad on purpose. For example, Cleopatra was a very long drama with it being 5 hours and 20 minutes long. According to Daniel Benjamin “some landmark films of the 1960s reflected on the change of the mood” referring to the Vietnam War. In addition, “Movies Made in the 1960s” states that Bonnie and Clyde was a movie that was shockingly a hit. They also state that, describing Cleopatra, “60 million dollar spectacular was epic in every sense of the word” (“Movies Made in the 1960s”). Drama movies had an impact socially. As previously stated, drama movies were popular because of the gloomy mood because of the war. Overall, drama movies were a huge part of the
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