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1970s Music
In the 1970’s, music was a big business. Many song writers wrote about sex, drugs, and important political events of the time period. There were also multiple different genres of music like; disco, heavy metal, and rock. In the long-run, many bands broke up because of band-member deaths or just simply arguments. 1970s music is full of interesting things and should be heard more my the younger generations.
In the 1970s, many political, social, and historical events occurred. In 1972, a huge scandal started called the Watergate Scandal. It was caused by a robbery to steal secret documents and wiretap phones. The robbers were all part of Nixon’s reelection campaign. In 1973, a major social event occurred. President Nixon decides to resign from presidency. Historical events also happened all through the 1970s. There were many protests were happening at this time. “The 1960s and early 1970s were times of great civil unrest and change. Americans took on the issues of civil rights, the Vietnam War, women’s rights, and the environment.” (Morton,
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Some bands just couldn’t seem to get away from drugs. Joe Walsh was a known drug addict and was very open about it. Drugs weren’t the only influences of music in that time period. Death was a big one too. “The body of the queen of raunchy bluesrock was found crammed between a wall and the bed in a room in Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel on October 3, 1970.” (“Music in the Seventies” 137) Many of the most popular 1970s bands broke up. The Eagles, The Beatles, and The Police were just a few that broke up. It heart breaking to lots of people all over the globe.
Many different things were advantages and disadvantages in 1970s music. “Diversity was the key to rock in the Seventies. As the audience grew and splintered, a bevy of musical styles emerged: art rock, southern rock, glitter, heavy metal, and funk” (“Music in the Seventies”

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